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About Us

Inspired by a better way of getting the job done and a team of professionals committed to a superior customer experience, easyway was established in 2012 as a proud member of the Telesure Group. From the start, our Telesure pedigree supported our young, dynamic and driven team with a heritage of experience, proven delivery and trusted knowledge.

Our commitment has always been to take ownership of supply chains within our industry – in order to improve customer experience and value. Today, everything we do brings this to life and supports our ethic of 'efficiency in action.'

What's really important is that Easyway services are carried out strictly in line with 'The Telesure Service Way Behavioural Standards.' This means they are based on what we believe you, the customer, really want and need. Professional assessors, skilled and experienced inspectors and our partners work together to tick the boxes and make a measurable difference.

As a company, easyway values all its team members and stakeholders and is inspired by the 'power and passion of people'. An important part of this is our support of our industry and a commitment to 'give back and develop.' That's why working with relevant communities and individuals who operate in our industry, through a spirit of 'paying it forward', is built into the very way we do business.

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